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How to Do a Lighting Installation
Lighting installation is the process of putting new light fixtures into an existing or newly constructed space. Often referred to as a lighting design, a well-planned lighting installation can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of an entire room.

A good lighting design should include a balance of ambient, task and accent lighting in a variety of hues, textures and shapes to create a visually appealing and functional space that is also energy-efficient and comfortable to use. It should also be easy to adjust the brightness or color of the lights using switches, dimmers and wall controls.

How to Select the Right Lights
Choosing the correct bulbs and lamps is essential for creating an efficient, aesthetic lighting system that will provide the desired level of illumination at the right price. Depending on the location of the light, its placement and how it is used, it may be necessary to consider a wide range of options before making a final decision.

How to Measure a Room
To properly size the light fixture for the space, you should measure its length and width. Then subtract 12 inches from the total for a good approximation of how much space you will need for the fixture to be hung.

How to Install a New Light Fixture
When you are installing a new light fixture, it is important to ensure that power is off at the breaker box before you begin working on the ceiling. Once you have the breaker off, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the fixture to the junction box.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the wiring between the fixture and the breaker box is done correctly, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. There are a few different ways to connect the wires from the fixture to the wires in the ceiling, such as wrapping them around screws or using wire nuts and wrapping the nut around the corresponding wire in the box.

How to Measure the Area That Needs Lighting
In an office setting, it is important to know what areas will need lighting. For example, a desk will need a specific type of lighting that is suited for working at a computer. Similarly, an entrance area will need lighting that is more bright and provides a welcoming effect for people entering the building.

How to Install a Pendant Light
If you are looking for lighting installation services, Rytec Electric can help. Our licensed electricians are experienced in designing and installing lighting systems for homes and businesses. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

How to Measure the Area That Needs a Recessed Light
In many homes, recessed lights are installed into the ceiling for an even distribution of ambient lighting. They are a popular choice for vaulted ceilings, where they can be a more cost-effective alternative to overhead ceiling fixtures.

However, recessed lights can be placed too close together, which can make the ceiling seem lower. It’s best to place the recessed lights about 3 feet from the walls, so they won’t cast shadows that make the ceiling appear lower. You can also choose to hang a soffit above the recessed lights to prevent any unnecessary shadowing.

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